AllTrials sets out detailed proposal for trial reporting

The AllTrials campaign has published a detailed plan on how all clinical trials can be registered and all results reported. This document sets out more information about achieving a situation globally where all trials are registered and results reported.

The document sets out four levels of information in clinical trial reporting:

  1. knowledge that a trial has been conducted, from a clinical trials register;
  2. a brief summary of the trial’s results;
  3. full details about the trial’s methods and results;
  4. individual patient data from the trial, and discusses the first three in detail.

The AllTrials campaign is not calling for individual patient data to be made publicly available.

This document is part of a continuing discussion which many different organisations are working on elaborating further over coming weeks and months. Please email views and contributions to:

In response to this announcement, an editorial in the BMJ by Doug Altman and David Moher has called for each published research article to come with a “declaration of transparency”, and the PLOS Medicine online journal has amended its editorial policy on trial registration and transparency.