AVOCA Group launches survey on clinical trial optimization

The AVOCA Group has launched its 2014 survey, exploring how outsourcing relationships can contribute to, or interfere with, progress toward more intelligent, data-driven approaches to clinical trial design and execution.

For the past 10 years, The Avoca Group has surveyed industry executives and managers to gain a better understanding of the trends in the outsourcing of clinical research. These insights provide actionable steps to improve the processes and business relationships within our industry.

In responding to continued time, cost, and quality pressures, sponsor companies and CROs are moving increasingly toward the use of novel and “intelligent” approaches to optimizing efficiency and quality in clinical development. Such approaches, often data- and/or technology-driven, include potentially powerful methodologies for optimizing protocol design, development programs, investigator and/or country selection, clinical trial processes, and information sharing, among others.

All contributions to the survey are welcomed. All responses are confidential and individual names are not associated with results. The results will be presented at the Partnerships in Clinical Trials conference in April 2014, and contributors will also receive a summary of the results.