MHRA & BMJ Learning launch pharmacovigilance elearning module

BMJ Learning has teamed up with the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to launch an interactive multimedia learning module on pharmacovigilance to support healthcare professionals in identifying and reporting side effects of medications. The module is available free to all UK healthcare professionals through an MHRA grant.

Effective reporting of drug reactions is an important way for healthcare professionals to contribute to the safer use of medicines. The World Health Organization estimates that at least 60% of adverse drug reactions are preventable.

Although the existing UK Yellow Card scheme provides valuable information, its effectiveness is limited by under-reporting. Busy healthcare workers may mistakenly assume that reporting is a time consuming and complicated process, or that the information they have is not useful. This module will help to change that view. After completing the module, healthcare professionals will understand the importance of continuous monitoring for adverse drug effects, know which type of situation should trigger a report through the Yellow Card scheme, and be able to fill out a Yellow Card correctly.