NIHR CRN launches services to facilitate UK research

The NIHR Clinical Research Network has launched a new service package for industry looking to conduct clinical research in the UK. A presentation overview of the new service is available at include:

  • A single online Industry Application Gateway for all industry studies, which is available at
  • A clear set of services for life-sciences companies, which can be tailored to the level of support each company requires for a particular study. The services include early feedback on study deliverability at protocol development stage; site intelligence to validate and enhance the company’s own site selection propositions; and a full site identification service to identify all/additional sites with the expertise to deliver a particular study.
  • A streamlined, faster process for applications. Confirmation of eligibility for Network support and initial feasibility feedback now takes just 15 working days – an improvement of 50% on the previous average turnaround.
  • A central Industry Information Centre to provide information and advice to help commercial life-sciences companies to use the Network service effectively.

Prior to the launch of the new service, commercial life-sciences companies had to apply to have their study “adopted” by the Network and receive initial feasibility advice – a process that typically took around six weeks.

A pilot was completed to test the new process. Eighty-nine per cent of users involved in the pilot who replied to a satisfaction survey rated the new service as “good” or “excellent”.