Sanofi partners with ‘Big Data’ firm to enhance translational medicine

NextBio and Sanofi have announced a multi-year collaboration to incorporate patient omics and clinical data into Sanofi’s drug research and development, as part of Sanofi’s Translational Medicine for Patients (TM4P) program, enabling patient-centered approaches across all stages of translational and clinical research in several major therapeutic areas, including oncology and diabetes.

NextBio will provide Sanofi with the NextBio Clinical platform for aggregation, standardization and analysis of patient clinical data, next generation sequencing (NGS) and other molecular data across public data sources, clinical trials and hospital partners. The platform, user interface and real-time Big Data analytics will allow Sanofi biologists and clinicians to tap into a vast, growing collection of patient data as it becomes available, as a key enabling technology for translational and clinical research.