Select Committee hears 3rd session of transparency evidence

House of Commons logoThe House of Commons Science & Technology Select Committee is currently taking its third session of oral evidence for its inquiry into clinical trials and transparency.

Previous sessions have demonstrated subtle differences in the positions of the main groups of stakeholders, particularly regarding what data it is feasible to release due to concerns around commercial confidentiality and informed consent that did not mention the possibility of data release. Another common theme has been that, whatever happens in the UK, it can only be effective if it is part of a broader (pan-European or, ideally, global) consensus on appropriate sharing of data.

Speaking at this session are:

  • Professor Karol Sikora, Medical Director, Cancer Partners UK and Dean, University of Buckingham Medical School
  • Simon Denegri, NIHR National Director for Public Participation and Engagement in Research and Chair, INVOLVE
  • Tracey Brown, Managing Director, Sense About Science
  • Dr Helen Jamison, Deputy Director, Science Media Centre
  • Sir Kent Woods, Chief Executive, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency
  • Dr Janet Wisely, Chief Executive, Health Research Authority
  • Bill Davidson, Acting Deputy Director and Head of Research Standards and Support
  • Peter Knight, Deputy Director, Head of Research Information and Intelligence, Department of Health

You can watch streaming video from the session, or watch the a recording of the whole session here. A transcript will be published in due course, and a summary of the most important points will be reported here on ClinDev.

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