Select Committee hears further evidence on clinical trial transparency

House of Commons logoIn a few minutes’s time, the UK Commons’ Science & Technology Select Committee will hear oral evidence in its inquiry into clinical trials and data transparency. The proceedings will be reported here tomorrow, but you can watch the session live here. It should also be possible to watch a recording of the proceedings from the same page.

Contributions will come from:

  • Dr Catherine Elliott, Director, Clinical Research Interests, Medical Research Council
  • Sharmila Nebhrajani, Chief Executive, Association of Medical Research Charities
  • Professor Peter Johnson, Chief Clinician, Cancer Reasearch UK
  • Nicola Perrin, Head of Policy, Wellcome Trust
  • Dr Bina Rawal, Director of Research, Medical and Innovation, Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dr James Shannon, Chief Medical Officer, GlaxoSmithKline
  • William M. Burns, Member of the Board of Directors, Roche
  • Dr Ben Goldacre, Wellcome Research Fellow in Epidemiology, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

This session will look into issues around the sharing of clinical trial data, continuing from the first session, which took place on March 13th.

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