Select Committee session on clinical trial transparency

House of Commons logoThe first session of oral evidence to the House of Commons Science & Technology Select Committee inquiry into data transparency in clinical trials has just concluded.

Professor Sir Michael Rawlins (who chaired the Academy of Medical Sciences review of clinical research regulation in the UK), Dr Fiona Godlee (Editor of the BMJ) and Dr Keith Bragman (President of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine) gave evidence to the committee. You can watch a recording of the proceedings here, although the session on clinical trial data is proceeded by a “lively” session on forensic science, so you may wish to skip the first 90 minutes or so (the clinical trials session is timestamped at 11:00).

It is perhaps unsurprising that those of us who have followed the issue for some time learned nothing new here, but it is worthwhile to note that the prime questions under discussion are the “who” and “how” of data transparency, with all parties strongly in favour of data being made available in some form. This mirrors the discussion at the European level, with EMA workstreams discussing those same issues with a view to launching some sort of platform in 2014.

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